by kenji, 2014-03-05 , In 親子攝影

小包子 親子攝影 台中 亞洲大學 安藤忠雄 亞洲現代美術館

小包子 一家人 很可愛 從新竹來台中玩
我想到這個台中的新地標  安藤忠雄 亞洲現代美術館
就在這邊 拍了三個小時的親子攝影 小包子很可愛 很愛歪頭 呵
來看看照片吧   🙂
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Kenjiphoto-IMG_0501 拷貝

Kenjiphoto-IMG_0087 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0094 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0095 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0109 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0126 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0144 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0146 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0158 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0159 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0168 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0170 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0179 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0200 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0201 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0211 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0218 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0237 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0244 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0246 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0257 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0269 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0281 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0285 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0292 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0294 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0303 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0315 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0326 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0327 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0338 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0348 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0348 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0357 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0363 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0371 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0416 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0425 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0441 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0452 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0463 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0466 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0475 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0478 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0486 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0499 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0501 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0512 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0521 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0532 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0537 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0550 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0552 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0562 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0572 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0587 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0594 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0616 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0628 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0667 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0748 拷貝 


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