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奕潔潔 親子攝影 東海大學

這天東海大學 天氣很好 小奕潔玩的很開心
去了 路思義教堂 也去了 東海牧場

台中半日遊 親子攝影  玩的很開心 當然也累壞了 奕潔的爸爸媽媽 呵

一起來看看照片吧 ^_^

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Photo by Kenji Wang



Kenjiphoto-IMG_0009 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0015 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0027 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0035 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0038 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0052 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0063 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0069 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0071 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0078 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0099 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0110 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0134 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0170 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0196 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0202 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0204 拷貝  Kenjiphoto-IMG_0207 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0219 拷貝  Kenjiphoto-IMG_0224 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0242 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0264 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0266 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0279 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0300 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0301 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0308 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0309 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0326 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0342 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0347 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0360 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0375 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0387 拷貝 Kenji Wang x Photography 婚禮記錄 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0403 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0405 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0410 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0415 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0423 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0448 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0469 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0474 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0480 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0501 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0515 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0523 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0528 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0537 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0544 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0555 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0557 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0561 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0567 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0574 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0581 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0584 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0593 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0611 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0614 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0623 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0639 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0646 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0652 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0653 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0656 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0660 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0664 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0671 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0678 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0690 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0695 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0708 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0713 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0715 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0730 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0746 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0751 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0761 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0769 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0772 拷貝 Kenjiphoto-IMG_0784 拷貝

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